DIY Old Screen Wall Art


Pin for DIY old screen waAbout two months ago, I was making my bi-weekly appearance in The Shop in Kalona, when I spotted this old window screen. I had been looking for something to add to my “J&J” display above the couch, but hadn’t quite put my finger on what exactly it needed. When I saw this screen, though, I had a good feeling. This was it.

Hoping on a prayer that it wouldn’t turn out looking completely ridiculous, I took the screen home and began to arrange the letters on it. And thanks to the confident votes from a few friends, I decided that it would, indeed, work.

The tricky part came in finding a way to attach the letters to the screen. I didn’t want to attach them directly to the screen for fear that they might cause the screen to tear. And I definitely didn’t want to go to the work of replacing the screen with a more durable material. (Plus, I really liked the way everything looked on the screen!)

This is the part where my problem solving husband came riding in and valiantly saved the day (typical Jon :)).

He suggested that I actually hang the letters on the back of the screen frame by using a staple gun and some wire. I was a little skeptical at how it would work at first, but I still tested it out; and it turned out to be the perfect solution!


We are both so pleased with the way it turned out! The great thing about this project is that you can totally make it your own by using different objects and materials that represent your own style and personality! The key is to combine textures and add layers to make for a more interesting and dramatic effect.





I hope you have been inspired to go out and make your own old screen, old gate, old door, or old anything wall art! The possibilities are endless.

If you do create something, be sure to post a picture on Instagram and tag me in it (@graceunmeasured) and use the hashtag #GUblogcreate. I would love to see your own creative ideas!

xx, Julia 🙂


Old Screen: Found at The Shop

Galvanized “&”: Hobby Lobby

Marquee Js: Gordman’s

Couch: Ikea

Lamp: Ikea

Fuzzy and “I Love You More” Throw Pillows: Gordman’s

Map Pillow: Ikea

Rug: Ikea

Cloche on Coffee Table: Michaels

Coffee Table: DIY (inspiration found here)


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