Pulley Photo Display

Happy weekend, friends! Friday is my favorite day of the week cause its typically the hubs and I’s day for DIYs! Today we were able to complete a project that started about 3 weeks ago at The Salvage Barn in Iowa City. While we were scrounging around, we came across some awesome pulleys!! (And if you have ever done any kind of flea or antique shopping with me, you know that I have a ridiculous obsession with pulleys of all kinds…not sure why…but I just think they are the coolest! 😉 ) So of course we couldn’t leave these little guys behind; they were just begging for something to be done with them!

Picture Holder Pulleys

After playing around with them on some scrap lumber, we decided they would be perfect for making a unique photo display (!!!)… and so it began. 🙂

Quite a bit of rust had built up on the pulleys, so we started by taking a Scotch-Brite scrubby pad to them to get them workable again.


Once given some new life, the pulleys were ready for action! (You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the wheel actually sticks out of the back side of the pulley by about a quarter of an inch.) Before attaching them to the board, Jon chiseled out some pockets so that the pulleys could be both snugly and functionally attached.



We screwed the pulleys into their pockets and strung them with some quarter inch rope.


And Voila! The display is ready for some photos!


I love displays like this because they are so versatile! They can be used for photos, holiday cards, birthday cards, children’s artwork, or any number of things. And no matter what you use them for, they can be easily changed or adjusted for a new look!



I hope this inspires you to make your own photo display! It’s time to order some prints of those beautiful wedding or family photos and get them off the phone and computer screen and on to a wall! 🙂 If you do create one, I would love to see it! Post a picture on Instagram and tag me in it @graceunmeasuredblog and use the hashtag #GUBlogCreate . I can’t wait to see what y’all make! Happy craftin’!

xx, Julia 🙂



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