Rustic Glam Thanksgiving

We got about six inches of snow in Iowa last night, and I have to admit that I feel a little ridiculous posting about Thanksgiving while listening to Christmas music on the first snow of the year….but hey! Tis’ the season right?! My parents are on there way out from Montana right now, so amidst my semi-frantic cleaning/finishing projects I decided to snap a few pictures before realism hits cause I know there is no way that I would have time or remember to do this on Thanksgiving day itself! 😉

I am so pumped for this table scape because: A) its done and B) it only cost about $20 to make! Spray paint seriously never ceases to amaze me.

This was taken during what I like to call the “sketching” phase:


And this is was taken post “two-cans-of-spray-paint-and-add-a-little-love” phase:


The two colors of paint cost me less than $10, and I still have plenty of gold and white paint left for other DIYs (*double score*). The mini pumpkins and gourds were picked up at Wal-Mart during the post-fall decorating season, and I believe they were only a three dollars for a bag. (They were actually picked-up by a friend for a dinner at church, and then I got blessed with the left overs ;)). And the three pie pumpkins were only a penny each. Thats right, folks. Pennies can STILL buy things! Say what?!


I was able to borrow some wood chunks to add height and interest, but if you have access to a tree and a chainsaw, or you know of someone with access to a tree and chainsaw…you have the power to get some for free!! For FREE! 🙂


If I could, the one thing I would change about this project was the moss…..I got a literally GIANT bag of the Spanish variety from Hobby Lobby for around $4 (with the 40% off coupon 😉 ) and used like 1/10th of it….I could have gone with like a $1 or $2 dollars worth and that would have been plenty.


Finally, the gold chargers were purchased from Wal-Mart (yes, I did actually go there…and yes, pigs do fly). They were only like $1 or so each.  Oh, and the runner was just some old scrap material that I folded up to the right size.  😉


Hope you all will have a wonderful time celebrating and relaxing with friends and family this week!  I would love to see how you are decorating for your own gathering! If you post a pic, tag me in it @graceunmeasuredblog and use the #GUblogcreate . I can’t wait to see all of your creative touches!

xx, Julia 🙂



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