But First, Coffee.

Hey All! I am so excited about today’s post! Mostly because it includes two of my favorite things — decor & coffee. 🙂 Can I get an amen?!? I actually never used to be a coffee addict…and then I went to college. (I wonder how many coffee addict stories start out that way?) Anyways, I am so thrilled to share with you the progress of our coffee bar in our kitchen! It is in no way complete, but it has made a big progressional step in the past week with the addition of shelving. I have been staring at this blank wall in our kitchen since we moved in last June and am so happy that it finally has some interest and character. Initially, we had a hard time deciding what to do with it. It is huge, but there isn’t any room to add something of depth in front of it because of its location relation to our laundry room door. (and I promise that would make much more sense if you were actually standing in our kitchen. 🙂 ) We tossed around the idea of a coffee bar back and forth. We both loved it, but couldn’t decide if it would turn out being too overbearing on the space.

And then we found this little gem of a shelf. At a thrift store. For $15.


It was cute. It was perfect. And we loved it.

The End.

Ok just kidding 🙂 Its not really the end of this post, but it was the end of our searching for what to do with this wall. 🙂 I began to draw up some potential shelving options for above the “bar.” I wanted to keep it simple, industrial, and practical to go along with the little shelf we found, so I decided to go with brackets and open shelving.


The shelving brackets were found at IKEA for $.50 a piece. (So I definitely would not count on them holding up large sacks of potatoes or small elephants.) But for what we were using them for, I knew they would work perfect. The wood tops are simply made from recycled pallet wood (FREE!). So all in all the top shelves cost a whole $2.50 to put up! Whoo-Hoo!

The rack that the mugs are hanging from was purchased at IKEA as well (yep, it’s one of our faves 😉 ) for $10. You can find it here. And the hooks for $3 here. We debated whether we should hang the rack on the wall or the shelf but decided it would look more cohesive if it were hung from the shelf. I am glad we choose the shelf.


And now for my favorite part of the coffee bar: the yummy smelling coffee beans!! My husband and I share a strong interest in and desire for a good cup of joe in the morning (whether that is good or bad, I’ll never quite know ;)), but nonetheless, we both LOVE our coffee. Thus, we have done a little bit of digging and research to learn about the tried and true tested ways of coffee consumption. Jon actually purchased a book on coffee. (Yep, he really did.) And I believe it was in there that we first learned about storing coffee beans in glass containers. Other than freezing your beans, this is the best way to keep them fresh (for up to a week). The added bonus is that I think they also look super cute in glass jars, like these ones I found at IKEA! (Surprise!)


And the final reveal for today….


Ta-da! This is what we have finished up until this point! Normally I don’t like sharing projects till they are completely done, but I felt like this was far enough along that I could share our progress and the journey with you! 🙂 We are actually in designing stages of building a clock for the space where the “perfect coffee” wall art is hanging now, so it will all be changing hopefully again soon! (Also, please excuse our floors and baseboard trim, I would love for those to change too, but that is a project for another day and another budget. ;))

You may have noticed that we don’t have an actual coffee maker on our coffee bar. And that is because we don’t own one. Yep, you heard me right, not even a Keurig! Jon and I like to make our coffee via our Toddy (cold-brew) or our little french press. And if you are a coffee lover and have never tried cold-brewing your coffee, you are seriously missing out! The reason I love our Toddy is that it eliminates much of the acidity after-taste of coffee and makes for a much more pleasant and smooth experience on the taste buds. To learn more about the Toddy brewing system and how it all works, you can click here.  (And no, Toddy did not pay me to write any of this, I just love it that much :))

How do you like your daily cup o’ joe? I would love to hear from you! E-mail me at graceunmeasuredblog@gmail.com or find me on Facebook or Instagram (@graceunmeasuredblog). Thanks for reading and I hope you are inspired to go out and tackle your own home projects this weekend! :))

xx, Julia 🙂


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