Top 18 Things in Charleston, South Carolina

Hey everyone! It seems like forever since my last post! This past month the Hubs and I were privileged to have the chance to take a 10 day road trip and spend a week in the gorgeous city of Charleston, South Carolina. And if you have never visited, I would totally recommend it!! It is absolutely gorgeous! Every street we walked down was lined with beauty and character like I had never seen. (Poor Jon had to walk around with the cray cray camera lady snapping photos of literally everything. You could say I was slightly obsessed. Haha. ;)) This was our first time taking a true vacation outside of our honeymoon, and I can say that it was well worth it. After our wedding, we started putting all of the cash that we would receive as change, gifts, or payment in our “adventure jar.” We planned to use this for our next vacation. Over the course of two years, we had saved up over $1,000 in cash! And that is almost exactly what we ended up spending on our little trip. 🙂 Before we left, I spent sometime researching restaurants and attractions in the area, trying to find the best of each. And now that we have experienced it firsthand; I decided to spell out our own top picks and tips for the area. Hopefully they will give you some good ideas if you have the chance to go, too!

top 18 charleston sc

Restaurant Picks:

Top: Poogan’s Smokehouse

Poogan’s was simply phenom. It actually wasn’t on any of the “recommended” lists that I found online ahead of time, but I am so glad we decided to give it a try! It was right across from our hotel; and the style and decor looked like it would be right up our ally. (Because if we’re honest, I tend to rate restaurants more on decor and atmosphere than the food itself… 😉 ) This smokehouse, however, was the total package. Awesome food and with an incredible atmosphere. We split the mac-n-cheese appetizer with the meat sampler tray and we were filled to the brim! Just when you thought it couldn’t be any better, it was.




Second: Hominy Grill

This is where Jon and I ate our first brunch, and once again, the food was the absolutely perfect definition of southern charm and hospitality. That was one of the things we noticed about every place we ate at….there are so many places to eat in Charleston that you have to be the best in order to make it. So really, I don’t know if you could go wrong with any place that you might choose. It is all just really good! At Hominy Grill I just got a scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and grits. The bacon and grits were especially delightful! Definitely would give it a five-star brunch rating! 



Third: Two Boroughs Larder 

Two Boroughs Larder was a quaint English-style eatery with a unique menu and atmosphere that we loved! My favorite part was the mini-donut appetizer….so good!


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Coffee Shop Picks:

One of Jon & I’s hobbies is finding and trying local coffeehouses, so this is something I was super excited about doing on vacation! And we were certainly not disappointed. 🙂

Top: Kudu Coffee

Kudu was our favorite coffeehouse because they not only had delicious coffee, but they also had a super cute outdoor patio seating area on which our legs enjoyed a break from a long day of walking and shopping around town.



Second: Black Tap Coffee

Black Tap was another favorite stop on our brewtastic journey. They certainly serve up a dynamite iced vanilla latte and blueberry lemon scone duo! And their minimalist interior design scheme wasn’t too shabby either. 😉



Third: Bakehouse

The Bakehouse had a cozy hometown vibe, and they certainly bake up a mean apple cinnamon muffin! When it comes to baked goods, muffins are my biggest weakness. And this was like the best one I have possibly tasted. Once again….so. good.!!



Dessert Picks:

It is no secret that Jon and I love our dessert almost as much as we love our coffee. 😉 So, of course, we had to get the local take on sweets and treats, too.

Top: Sugar Bakeshop

Ok, so funny story. We actually didn’t mean to go here for dessert. We went here for breakfast. When I had first looked it up online, I saw that it was a “bakeshop” and automatically assumed they would serve muffins, scones, ect. In reality, its more like a cupcake and cookie kind of bakeshop…whoops. Walked in there about 10:30 am and decided it was ok to get dessert before breakfast. And that, folks, is how we roll on vacation. 😉


Second: Peace Pie

Peace Pie makes some awesome pie flavored ice cream sandwiches! So if you like a little pie with your ice cream, then this is the place for you! I am a big banana cream fan, so naturally I had to get a banana cream sandwich, and Jon go the salted carmel. They were both delish and worth every one of those thousand calories! 😉




Third: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Ice cream is by far my all-time favorite dessert. I don’t think there has ever been a time when someone suggested it and I did not enthusiastically respond.  Jeni’s had some seriously unique flavors. I got the churro flavor in a waffle cone and it was bomb!

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Shopping Picks:

Top: King Street

From local boutiques to national brands, fashion to decor, King Street has it all. Quite literally. Anything you could need or want, you can find on this palm-lined street. A couple of my personal favorites included West Elm and Pottery Barn. (Surprise!) Jon and I spent a good day pursing the shops and gaining inspiration for fashion and decor.


Second: Tanger Outlets – Charleston

As awesome as all the King Street shops are,  Jon and I didn’t actually buy much except for a few clearance finds. Mostly because we are too cheap to pay full price for anything . 🙂 ) So the next day we went to the Charleston Outlets to shop the same brands on King Street for 50-70% off. (It was a win, win, win! – s/o to The Office) It was a great outlet mall experience with all our favorite brands (Banana Republic being my personal fave, and Nike, Jon’s).

Third: Curiosity

Curiosity is an adorable vintage boutique that we found off of the beaten path of King Street. The owner has impeccable taste and great decor ideas for vintage items, if you enjoy that sort of thing. 😉



Attraction Picks:

Top: Boone Hall Plantation

When you go to the south, you visit a plantation. It’s what you do. We choose to visit Boone Hall and it was so beautiful! Boone Hall is home to the famous Avenue of the Oaks and is also where parts of The Notebook and Gone With The Wind were filmed. I had a ball taking pictures of the house, garden, lane, and pond. It was also very interesting to learn about the history of plantations and slavery in the U.S. We took a tour of both the house and the grounds and learned a ton! I would definitely recommend it!






Second: The Black Fedora

When we were investigating different shows to attend in the evening, this one caught our attention. We like mysteries and comedies, so it seemed like the perfect fit! While we thoroughly enjoyed the acting and atmosphere, it was certainly not what I had envisioned in my head. The show was preformed in a cozy theater setting, and everyone was a part of the stage and the show. At anytime you could be called to read a script or act something out, so if your not comfortable with that, I would not recommend this for you. 🙂 We went to Inspector Noclue’s Mystery, and while the story line was good, I wish we would have chosen a little more “family friendly” show. All in all though it was a wonderful experience and perfect date night idea. 😉



Third: Folly Beach

Going to Charleston in February was nice for walking around town in jeans and a t-shirt, but not so much for beaching. All that to say, we did visit the beach, but we did not spend much time there. Just a tad bit too chilly. I can imagine in a month or so though this beach will be crawling with people as it looked like a perfect place to soak up some sun!




Fourth: Angel Oak

So this tree. It is somewhere around 400 years old and provides over 17,000 square feet of shade. Definitely an incredible creation of God and a sweet illustration of how far a seed can go. So worth the small drive to see and photograph!



Neighborhood Picks:

Honestly I can say that my favorite “activity” on the trip was walking around the historic districts and photographing all of the incredible homes. I don’t think you could go wrong with a walk in any direction, but these are a couple of my top picks for gorgeous home photo-ops.

Top: Rainbow Row

All I can say is…wow. Pictures do no justice; you simply must go see it and take it in for yourself. 🙂 (Also the perfect insta photo-op for a cute pose in front of a colored wall….just saying.)



Second: Battery Park Area

There are some seriously stunning homes around Battery Park. They are each so different and grandiose that you almost have to take them in individually. To give you a taste, I’ve included just a few snaps of the neighborhood. 🙂






That’s all for now! Hopefully you are now well on your way to planning your own trip to this charming and romantic city. 😉 Thanks for tagging along as I shared our adventure with you! If you have any questions I’d love to try to answer them or at least point you in the right direction. You can email me at or find me on Facebook or Instagram (@graceunmeasuredblog). I can’t wait to hear from you. Happy Travels!



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