Quick & Simple Upholstery Update

Happy Easter weekend, all! So thankful for some time to spend with family and friends, and most importantly, the special holiday to remember the death, burial & resurrection of my Lord & Savior. What a perfect opportunity to reflect on the glorious and gracious work of a perfect God who gave his only Son so that we might have life and a restored relationship with him. Neither of which I deserve; but both for which am so incredibly grateful. Praising Him for the chance to live life to the fullest through seeking to glorify him. I hope that you, too, have a chance to reflect on this gift & spend time with your loved ones. I can’t imagine anything better.

 As you probably know, Fridays are my hubby’s day off, so typically they turn into our DIY day to get a project or two done. And this afternoon we tackled a couple of these beauties:


We found four of them at a cute vintage shop in Illinois last fall, and they have just been taking up room in our garage ever since then (#ClassicRochaMove). Two of them were in great shape and we hardly had to do anything to those, but the other two looked like the one pictured above. The bones were in great shape, but the seats needed some updating and a little TLC.

I think I say this every time, but my husband is a stinking genius. Seriously wouldn’t be able to do 90% of the projects I do without him. Anything from offering practical structural insight to helping me when I load the staple gun backwards(…yeah, don’t even ask LOL), he is so good & gracious to assist me through it all. But anyways, back to these chairs. 😉 Both of the chairs needed a total seat replacement, and thankfully both of the seats slid out of the frames fairly easily.


We had some scrap 1/4″ plywood in the garage, so Jon just used the old seats as a pattern to cut out a couple of new ones.


And I used these seats as a pattern to cut out a piece of cotton lining for some cushion and the patterned canvas fabric I had picked out from Hobby Lobby too.



Then the real magic began. Got the staple gun out & put it all together! (As soon as Jon showed me how to load it the right way. 😉 ) I will also say that I think using a staple gun is a special skill in and of itself….Maybe we just got the gun made for the Hulk, but I am fairly tall and have decent sized hands & I still can barely get a good enough grip to around the handle to fire the staple. I’ve noticed, however, that once you get going its not bad, so maybe its just something I need to get used to. 🙂


Once stapled together, we simply slid the new seats in the chair frames. And just like that, in a matter of hours, we revived a couple of spoofy folding chairs!




We are so happy with how they turned out & how simple it was to give them a new life! What projects are you all up to this weekend?? I’d love to see and hear about them! Find me on Instagram (@graceunmeasuredblog) and tag me in a photo of your project and use the #GUBlogCreate! Or find me on Facebook (Grace Unmeasured Blog) and send me a message! Happy Crafting!

-Julia 🙂


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