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Ever since I began painting interior walls this past January, I have been blessed to learn a wealth of information about color and paint. While my job consists mostly of just painting walls, the things I have learned have helped tremendously in both crafting and furniture projects.  Colors, textures, and coverage, my boss is a paint magician and has been kind enough to share her vast amount of knowledge and experience with me! When ever I have had a question about this or that type of paint, or what the best method of application for the type of paint or stain I want to use is, she always has great advice and suggestions to share with me. Recently, we were talking about painting furniture and the topic of chalk paint came up. I have always heard great things about chalk paint, but had never tried it…frankly because of the price. I didn’t think that the outcome would justify the cost. But then chalk paint came up again in another conversation with a friend, and so I finally decided to take a splurge and use it on my next project for The Barn Sale I will be selling at in May….and I am happy to say that chalk paint and I have gotten along great so far, and I am sure that we are soon-to-be besties. 😉


I didn’t splurge so far as to buy Annie Sloan or Mason Blanche brand chalk paint…I just purchased a few different 8oz colors of Americana Decor at my local Hobby Lobby ($9 ea). After reading an online review on the comparison between Annie Sloan and Americana Decor (because I’m a super nerd and that is what I do…research all the available options and possibilities) I decided that AD would be perfect for the level at which I would be painting, and that I would be able to save a bit of $$$ in the process.

Below is a before shot of the stool I painted:


One of the great things about chalk paint is the minimal amount of prep work necessary to actually get to the point of painting your piece. (For more tips on chalk paint prep, I recommend reading this blog article by Canary Street.) In this particular case, I simply roughed up the stool with some sand paper to help the paint adhere better to the surface. After the quick sand, I cleaned up all the dust and then proceeded to apply the paint with a brush. (From everything that I have read about chalk paint, a quality brush seems to be the consistent consensus on proper application method.) I proceeded to apply 3 coats of paint for coverage and durability. To give an idea of how far 8 oz of chalk paint goes, I used about 75% of that 8 oz on the 3 coats I gave this stool. A little does go a long way!

After painting came the fun part – the actual birthing of character and charm. I think my favorite aspect of chalk paint (besides minimal prep) is the opportunity to give freshly painted pieces, a worn, loved and lived-on feel. We don’t live in a perfect world, and as much of a perfectionist I am at heart, I don’t like my furniture pieces to be perfect…imperfections are what give character!


I just used a little square of sand paper and went to town on the corners and edges for about 30 min or so. The beauty of this is that you have the opportunity to truly make it your own unique piece, with as many or as few imperfections as you desire. Just remember to go with the flow…there is no perfect technique or method to giving it that tough-love feel!



I still need to go over it with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth everything out, and then apply some wax to seal the deal…but other than that she is done and ready for a new home! 🙂 Have you ever tried out chalk paint before? What was your experience like? Comment below or find me on Facebook & Instagram! I would love to chat and learn from you!! Happy Craftin’!

Julia 🙂


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