Simple Suitcase Transformation

Happy Tuesday, All! I am enjoying having a couple extra days off of work over the span of these next two weeks to work on projects for the Barn Sale coming up in just over a month…(yikes!) Every day seems to be a constant battle of me trying not to become completely overwhelmed and stressed out about everything that needs to happen in the next few weeks and still trying to enjoy the process and journey of doing something that Jon and I have wanted to try for a while! Sometimes in the midst of a project I find myself becoming so frustrated and discouraged about how long this or that is taking, or how much more complex it is that I tend to loose sight of the incredible opportunity that has been set before me! And the same is true with life…how often do we tend to focus on the negative parts of our life instead of seeing hard times as opportunities to grow and gain experience?? I have been guilty on many occasion of setting perfect and unrealistic expectations for myself and others, and then when the first bump in the road comes I tend to lash out in anger and frustration…”This isn’t the plan!” “Why would you do it that way?!”  “Maybe I should just stick with what I know instead of branching out and trying new things…” None of these responses are those of a grateful and content spirit who is relying on God for the strength and purpose needed for each and every day. Ultimately I know that His plans for my life are much better and greater than mine…I need to learn to stop trying to micromanage every aspect of my day, let go, and trust that He will carry me through. All that to say, I am in the process of learning to enjoy the journey, not just on arriving at the perfect destination. 😉

Anyways, back to suitcases 🙂 …I love the idea of using old suitcases as decor pieces in homes because they: a) are cute b) are a great way to add interest & texture c) can act as added storage to a small living space ….and trust me, we are all about finding new ways to store things around our place. How many times, though, have you spotted a super cute trunk or suitcase at a flea or antique market, opened it up and been horrified by what you saw?? I know that has certainly been the case for us. For instance, Jon and I found this unique guy on our vacation in Charleston this past February. We loved the stickers and the wear that speak of the many miles and adventures it has been on.


but then there was the inside….



So Sick. (There was also a giant caterpillar carcass that was disposed of before this photo was taken. You are welcome.) Clearly I was not going to store anything I remotely valued in this puppy…who even knows what kind of microscopic bugs may secretly be living in that fabric?? So, I decided to give it was time to give it some new insides with some scrap fabric I had lying around.

Step 1) Carefully remove the fabric lining while keeping track of the order in which it was originally attached. Also, be sure to keep the pieces in tact so that you will be able to use them as a pattern for the new fabric.

Step 2) Cut out new fabric while using the old fabric as a pattern. Be sure to cut at least 1/2 an inch extra on all sides!



Step 3) Fold over and use fabric glue to glue the 1/2 in edge of fabric to give it a “finished” look. 


Step 4) Line edges with fabric glue. This piece is ready to be attached to the suitcase!


Step 5: Attach to suitcase. Once attached, be sure to check for unwanted wrinkles and run your finger firmly around the perimeter of the piece to make sure it is well secured!


Step 6) Repeat Steps 1-5 with the remainder of the pieces! (For this particular case, I attached the short sides on the bottom next, and then attached one large piece that cover the bottom and the long sides in once swoop.) Pictures below:

Short Side Piece (*Tip – Be sure to double check the direction of the pattern in your fabric before attaching! I messed this one up and had to redo it…)


Large Bottom Piece Overview (please excuse the poor lighting)
Shot of Bottom Corner Detail
Shot of Bottom Corner Detail 

It probably could have been done much more professionally, but hey, I’m a newbie and I am very pleased with how it turned out. 🙂 No more grim and creepy bugs for this girl! And we just gained a little more storage. Hurrah!


Thanks for much for stopping by my blog today! Have you ever tackled recovering one of these before?? What was your experience like? Do you have any tips for me? 😉 Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page (Grace Unmeasured Blog) or on Instagram (@graceunmeasured). I would love to hear from you!!

Happy craftin’,  my friends!

🙂 Julia

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