Spring Flea & Fair!

 You guys! The Spring Flea and Fair is NEXT WEEK!! I feel a whole ball of emotions ranging from the I’m-10-and-I’m-on-my-way-to-Disneyland excited to the I’m-15-and-its-my-freshman-year-of-highschool nervous.  I mostly feel prepared….except for when I don’t! Ha! Can anyone else who has been a first time seller relate?? As our projects come to a close (hopefully sooner rather than later…;) ), I wanted to share some more details on the when/where/what of the fair in case you are interested in joining us for a lovely day filled with shopping and inspiration!

Deets on the Sale: 

Where: The Barn – 3271 V Ave, Wellman, IA    When: Friday, May 20, 12-2pm Early Bird Sale ($10 Admission); Friday, May 20, 2-8pm ($5 Admission); Saturday, May 21, 9-3pm ($5 Admission)

Revive picThe Gang

I also wanted to introduce (and brag up to you) to my friends & fellow entrepreneurs, Missy and Whitney. Together, we will combining our finds and creations to bring you our booth:”Revive.”

Meet Missy


 Missy is a Williamsburg, Iowa native and a talented artist with impeccable taste. Not only did she design our logo, but she also has designed several hand painted signs and other handmade wood goods that will be for sale! Be sure to check her out on Etsy: SprucedUpCreations

Missy Product 1
Side Table
Missy Sign 1
Custom Sign

Meet Whitney


 Whitney was also raised in Williamsburg, Iowa, but now lives in Iowa City with her husband Pete and their silver lab Reagan. She has a keen eye and the creative design ability to put together a beautiful, cohesive and practical space. She personally combines boho, vintage, and industrial pieces to create her own terrific style! Check out this shot of her lovely home:

whitney living room

And these are some of the items she will have up for sale!


Meet Julia


 (Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already met me on some level 😉 ) But in case you haven’t…I am a Montana native who moved to Iowa 6 years ago and has now lived in Kalona, IA for almost exactly 1 year. My husband Jon and I have talked about selling at one of these types of events for over a year, so I can hardly believe it is finally happening! We have been working hard to bring our best to you next weekend!

Here are some quick shots of just a few of the items we will be selling:



Built Farmhouse Table

GIVEAWAY (1) Oh and I know I promised you a giveaway! 😉 So here it is: If you come to the flea and fair next weekend, and you are the first to mention to me that you read this blog post, you will be able to pick out any three books from my book collection ($12 value) free of charge!

Can’t wait to see you there! And thank you for all of your support and encouragement through this whole process…I have received so many kind and thoughtful comments and notes that have boosted my spirits and helped muster my determination. Thank you, friends!! I couldn’t do it without you.

🙂 Julia


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