#RochaRoomReno – Mood Board Creation

Hey there 🙂

Earlier on Instagram I announced that we were planning to reno our master this fall….so I decided to go ahead and show you how I created a mood board for it! This is one of the first ones I’ve done, so it is by no means professional, but the more serious I get about visual space creation and design, the more I am trying to wean and spell out my ideas in a more tangible way.

The first thing I like to do is search for photos/places that inspire me. I love finding inspiration from nature, so that is normally where I go to begin with. Growing up in Montana, I have always found the trees and mountains to be a calm, soothing, and mind-clearing place. So, I decided to that as inspiration for our bedroom-haven. Here are a couple of the pictures that I fell in love with:

mountain inspire 1 mountain inspire 3

Using these photos to help set the mood, I pulled these colors to use in our pallet:

mountain inspire 6

I plan to use the neutral grays and whites as our base and then add pops of forest green to help bring the room to life. My goal for this space is to create a calm, restful, and cozy environment. Our bedroom has sadly received the least attention out of any room in our house since we moved in, even though it is somewhere we spend at least 8 hours each day/night. So we decided that it was going to get the first real makeover! I am also working at keeping a cohesive look throughout our home to help the rooms flow together (hence the gray neutral base).

I recommend deciding on walls and flooring first. Our walls are already a light gray, so that will be perfect, and we are putting an accent shiplap wall behind our bed (I am so pumped about that!) We have picked out laminate flooring at Costco that is a light oak similar to this one:

bedroom inspire 6

Neither Jon or I have installed flooring before, so I am sure that will be an experience in an of itself. 😉 And don’t worry, I’m sure you will be completely filled in on all that we learn through it! (Eventually we plan to do the whole house in this laminate, but right now we are just taking it one step at a time.)

I also asked Jon if he would build a bed for us, and he has heartily agreed 🙂 The end result will likely be similar to this one:

bedroom inspire 12

Simple. Clean. Rustic. Suits us perfect.

The rest of the details like lighting, textiles, and other furniture are yet to be nailed down, but I have included a few ideas to round out our mood board….and here it is!

Rocha Master Mood Board (1)

I’m sure the details will change, but this gives me a purpose in searching and planning, and also gets me so excited to see it come together! Having so many options at your fingertips can be incredibly overwhelming, so I would always recommend doing something similar to help bring your mind to a place where it can focus and bring a look together. Oh! Another quick tip I’ll leave with you is “remember to layer textures.” 🙂 So much of what gives a room depth and interest doesn’t lie in color choice, but in layering cloth, wood, metal, greenery, pottery, and so on. Colors may tie a room together, but textures bring it to life. So don’t forget to mix it up! Use a cohesive color scheme and pull different textures to add some character. What do you think of mood boards? Do you have any tips that you could leave with me? Be sure to let me know in the comments below; I would love to hear from you!

Happy decorating, friend!

Julia 🙂


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