Meet Julia

Hello! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

 My name is Julia; I have been married to my husband, Jon, for just over two years now. The first 18 years of my life were spent in the mountains of Montana, and after high school I traded them in for a college in the corn fields of Iowa. This past spring (5 years later), my husband and I moved from Ankeny, Iowa to the small town of Kalona, where we are quickly adjusting to a close-knit community lifestyle. Jon recently became the associate pastor at a local church, and I currently have the privilege of staying at home with our german shorthair named Riggs!

To help you get to know me, I came up with a list of 18 completely random facts; some embarrassing, all true.

1.  I absolutely love cream of wheat…..its the perfect bedtime snack!

2. Target is my weakness….need I say more.

3. I have an obsession with throw pillows.  There are 16 in our living room as I type. You could say that it’s a problem.

4. Neutrals are my jam. And I prefer my pops of color to be natural shades.

5.  Love the heat. Hate the cold.

6.  I’m married to the coolest pastor/soldier guy you’ll ever meet.

7. Coffee. I drink it black 9 times out of 10. Preferably a nice medium roast.

8. I’ve been on 4 different continents.

9. My dream car is a Toyota Land Cruiser. In Black.

10. I actually find a ridiculous amount of my home decor at Michael’s.

11.  I would drop everything for a trip to a sunny beach….any day!!

12. Mac’n cheese my go to menu item.

13. My perfect date always involves coffee, junking, and either baked goods or ice cream. (or both.)

14. Organizing is a form of relaxation for me.

15. I wish that I loved to work out, eat healthy, and be fit. But I don’t. It’s hard.

16. Each day I try to challenge myself to do at least one thing that I don’t want to do, or I think I can’t do.

17. I get way to giddy about crossing things off of lists. Like, it’s a problem. I always add one or two already finished thing to each list so I can cross it off right away. And I have wayyy too many lists in my life. please. send. help.

18. I haven’t necessarily put a finger on what my decor style is…it is something combining industrial, farmhouse, rustic, Scandinavian, and minimalist

Hopefully I haven’t scared you away! 😉 I’d love to get to know you more too! Find me on Instagram (@graceunmeasured) or on Facebook (Grace Unmeasured) and lets chat!

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